Driving Positive Change: Matterport’s CEO Charts a Greener Path with Digital Twins for a Sustainable Future

Driving Positive Change: Matterport’s CEO Charts a Greener Path with Digital Twins for a Sustainable Future

In his recent letter, Matterport’s Chairman and CEO, R J Pittman, addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by businesses and the world over the past year. He emphasizes the significance of the current era, marked by uncertainty but also abundant opportunities for positive change. Pittman outlines Matterport’s pivotal role in addressing global challenges, working towards a brighter future, and contributing to a better world for the next generation.

Matterport’s Digital Twin Platform takes center stage in this commitment. It goes beyond mere property visualization, fundamentally altering how people interact with and understand their surroundings. The core values of accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability are not just buzzwords but integral aspects of Matterport’s business model, deeply embedded in its values, workplace culture, and overall ethos. Pittman stresses that this commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is the driving force propelling Matterport forward.

The technology itself, with its 3D digital twins and AI data capabilities, is hailed for its positive impact in connecting the world. Pittman proudly notes that this technology is freely accessible to anyone with a smartphone. An exemplary initiative, the Exploration to Equity philanthropic program, opens virtual doors to cultural and historic sites, bringing them to life for those who might not have the opportunity to experience them in person. Simultaneously, it aligns with Matterport’s goal of democratizing access to physical spaces.

For Matterport’s customers, the journey starts with a digital twin, offering unique insights and versatile assets. This empowers effective property marketing, management, and construction processes. The technology’s potential to digitally transform operations in the vast landscape of existing buildings and structures worldwide, numbering approximately four billion, is underscored. The AI-powered capabilities, driven by Matterport’s technical leadership in spatial data, computer vision, and deep learning, facilitate faster and smarter decision-making. Furthermore, the introduction of new automated capabilities serves the dual purpose of reducing the need for frequent site visits and contributing significantly to customers’ sustainability goals.

Pittman provides a glimpse into the future through innovations that expand the application of digital twins, enabling customers to address an array of business-critical questions swiftly from anywhere in the world. A notable highlight is the upcoming tool designed to help customers measure their carbon emissions reduction, emphasizing Matterport’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Internally, Matterport has taken substantial steps in its ESG journey. The release of the first ESG Report in 2022 was a significant milestone, showcasing the company’s commitment to transparency. Efforts to reduce the carbon footprint involved scrutinizing facilities, setting clear expectations for suppliers, and revamping the entire Pro3 camera supply chain for enhanced sustainability. The partnership with an external carbon accounting firm demonstrates a commitment to continually understand and improve the company’s environmental impact.

Pittman concludes the letter with a personal touch, expressing a deep belief in Matterport’s purpose and potential. He acknowledges the global Matterpeeps, the driving force behind the company’s innovation and dedication to creating a positive impact. Proud of the accomplishments in 2022, Pittman looks ahead with optimism, expressing a commitment to further improvements in the days and years to come.

Source: matterport.com

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